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10 Fabulous Routes In America To Drive Your RV Along

10 Fabulous Routes In America To Drive Your RV Along

10 Fabulous Routes In America To Drive Your RV Along

You’ve got the RV all set up and ready to go, and your summer vacation is just around the corner. Now, all you need to do is head to the road and see where it takes you.

Whether you are a plan-ahead sort of traveler or someone who just likes to see where you end up, even a rough idea of where you are headed and what you want to see, can prevent you from taking a wrong turn and ensure you get the best from your trip, see the places you want to see and arrive home feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Your route will depend on lots of things, including your budget, how long you are going away, and who you are going with. Other things to consider are whether you want wilderness and freedom or you are after some city life and tourist attractions, too.

Blue Ridge Parkway

This popular route can clock up approximately 500 miles on the clock, and during peak travel times, it can get rather busy. However, the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina are well worth the trip and will stay in your memory long after your trip is over.

Route 66

Route 66

Route 66 is probably the most famous of all road trips and many people from around the world embark on this journey every year. Stretching all the way from Southern California to Illinois, you can do part of it, or all of it, depending on how much time you have. This route is a definite bucket list trip, which is why it features in many movies, novels and hit songs.

New Orleans and The Gulf Coast

This trip has become very popular over the last five years and is experiencing a bit of a comeback, becoming the new must-do. However, it is still not as popular as some of the other routes, which makes this particular route a bit of a secret, with less traffic than you might experience on other roads. It is also more cost-effective, with stopovers and refreshments on the way not costing as much as on some of the more high-profile road trips.

Historic New England

If you are looking for something a bit different, why not consider taking a trip to the historic sites and tour New England? There are plenty of museums and estates to visit and lots of other well-resourced sites to visit along the way. Do some research before you go and amaze your traveling companions with your knowledge!

Yellowstone National Park and The Rockies

Yellowstone National Park and The Rockies

Another very popular destination is Montana. This trip promises you a unique experience and the option to take a number of different scenic routes as you head toward Yellowstone. Must-see landmarks on the way include the Rocky Mountain region, which is home to both the Rocky Mountain National Park and the Grand Teton National Park. This is the tallest mountain in the Teton Range and was named by French-Canadian trappers, who named it "Grand Tetons", which means "big breasts" in French!

The Great Lakes

If you are looking for a different type of adventure combining city life and stunning natural scenery, this midwest trip takes in Chicago as a starting point and takes you around past the Great Lakes and up into the Upper Michigan peninsula. There are plenty of beaches on this route, so remember to pack surfboards, paddle boards and snorkels for when you stop along the way.

Southwest Desert

The American Southwest offers a stunning landscape and takes you through famous parks, including Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon National Park. You can also visit some lovely urban areas, including Santa Fe. This area is also known for its Native American architecture and art collection.

Southeastern Seaboard

The Southeastern coast of the U.S. has beautiful scenery and takes you through some lively towns bustling with atmosphere. If you take the coastline from Virginia to the Carolinas, then go on to Savannah, you will discover history and culture at every turn.

Columbia River Highway

The Columbia River Highway is a lovely journey through the Pacific. Starting in Oregon, you will find plenty of places to park and take in some great sites along the route.

Big Sur Coastal Highway

Big Sur Coastal Highway

For lovers of the ocean, this is a great route to do. You will get to see some lovely sea towns as you travel and experience many new adventures, creating lifelong memories as you go.