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12 Best Smartphone Apps for RV Living

12 Best Smartphone Apps for RV Living

12 Best Smartphone Apps for RV Living

There is nothing quite like life on the open road. RV travel is becoming increasingly popular as people want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy new adventures and experiences. If you have decided to embrace the RV lifestyle, here are 12 smartphone apps for RV living.

Google Maps

You may already have this app, but make sure it is updated before you travel. It will provide a map for you covering more than 220 countries, so you are unlikely to go anywhere you are not covered. It also offers live traffic updates and the shortest route to your destination, taking in information such as any traffic jams or roadwork along your route. Don't forget to use a mount for your device, such as this Portable Dash and Window Mount, to keep your hands free to drive safely.

Portable Dash and Window Mount

Gas Buddy

This app will find you the best-priced gas in your location. This is great for RV living on a budget. It will also direct you to the gas station you have chosen so you do not need to waste more gas trying to find the best prices. It offers up-to-date prices and comparisons, and you can use it at home as well as on your trip.


This app will help you to plan your route, taking into consideration low bridges and narrow roads, meaning that you never get stuck taking a turn that was meant for cars only. This app is essential for your safety and wellbeing on the road.

Sanidumps RV

This app will tell you where the nearest dump station is for your waste tank. You may not think about this until you need it, but once you need a dump station you will be glad you downloaded it. This app will save you a lot of time and money out on the open road.

TV Antenna Helper

This app will come in useful when you want to park and watch TV after a long drive. It shows you where the nearest TV towers are, so you know where to direct your Satellite Antenna and it also finds you free TV and HDTV signals while you are on the move.


Use this app to avoid having your trip ruined by bad weather - or at least helping you to plan for it. This app will let you know if a storm is coming, and it will also let you see the best days to hang out at the beach or do your laundry. It offers 2,000 weather cams from all over the country, so you will know what the weather looks like wherever you go.

Use an App to Check the Weather

Key Ring

This app will help you save money wherever you go by storing all your loyalty cards in one place. You won’t need to carry dozens of plastic cards with you, and with over 700 different loyalty cards stored on it, you would be very unlucky to find a location that isn’t listed. This app will help you travel light while you are away and is also useful once you are back home.

RV Checklist

With this app, you will never need to turn back for something you have forgotten as it stores everything you need to take and remember in one place. You can customize this for your own use, and it will store all the things you and your family need to take to have a successful trip.

Free Zone Wifi

This app shows you where the free Wi-Fi zones are so you never have to be without service while you are on the road. So many locations offer free Wi-Fi these days, but sometimes you do need to know where to look. Luckily, with this app, you will not need to search any further than your own phone.

RV Parks and Campgrounds

This finds you places you can park your RV overnight. It offers all the usual sites but also shows you how to find RV-friendly stores that will let you use their parking lots overnight, military bases with RV space, and truck rest stops.

Use an App to to Find RV Campsites

American Red Cross

This app is essential for anyone on a road trip as it gives you video step-by-step guidance on how to administer first aid if it is needed and links to 911 so you can get professional help if necessary.


This app features quirky roadside attractions that you might otherwise have missed. Discover everything from the best roadside diners to national parks and fantastically scenic RV-friendly routes.

Make sure you download these before you take your trip, and you will have all the information you need on hand.