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14 Camping Ideas Which Are Borderline Genius

14 Camping Ideas Which Are Borderline Genius

14 Camping Ideas Which Are Borderline Genius

Camping can be an amazing experience and is a popular vacation choice for couples and families. One of the golden rules of camping is to be organized and prepare in advance. Making sure you have everything you need is vital to ensuring a smooth camping trip. Here are 14 little-known camping ideas that you will definitely want to try out on your next camping trip.

1. Freeze items before placing in your cooler

If you freeze food and drinks, they will act as ice packs, keeping the other food in the box colder for longer.

2. Prepare pancake piping packs

To make breakfasts really easy and cut down on dishwashing, prepare pancake mix at home and pop it into plastic piping bags. When you need it, you can just snip off the corner and pipe it into the pan.

3. Use a portable coffee maker

You don’t have to go without high-quality coffee when you’re enjoying the great outdoors. It’s now possible to get portable coffee makers for camping trips, such as this Coleman 10-cup Portable Propane Coffeemaker.

Coleman 10-cup Portable Propane Coffeemaker

4. Prepare a camping essentials pack

It’s a good idea to have a pre-prepared camping essentials box. Keeping everything you need together saves on the preparation for each trip. Simply check through the box at the end of every trip to see if anything needs to be replaced.

5. Rub some wax over your shoes to waterproof them

This is a little-known trick that you can use to protect your shoes from the wet ground when you’re at a campsite. Wax, beeswax or paraffin can be rubbed on shoes to help prevent them from absorbing water. Don’t try this on suede shoes, and always test a small patch in an inconspicuous area first to check how the material reacts before covering the whole shoe.

6. Vaseline cotton balls as fire starters

To make easy and convenient fire starters, simply impregnate cotton balls with vaseline. You can then keep them all in a plastic bag, which can be squashed down to next to nothing so they don’t take up much room at all.

7. Hand washing station

Keeping clean and maintaining hygiene standards while camping is vital. Even if your campsite has great facilities, it’s not always convenient to go to the washing area, so you need facilities to wash your hands at your tent. A great tip is to pre-prepare a hand washing station. Source a water container with a spout and strap a hand wash bottle to one side and a kitchen towel holder to the other. You’ll also need a large bucket. At your site, you can keep the container on a camping table and place the bucket underneath for the water to run into.

8. Shoe organizers

Shoe organizers with pockets are lifesavers for camping trips. You can hang one up to keep all your camping accessories up out of the way and organized. The transparent organizers are especially useful as you can see what’s inside each pocket. At the end of your trip, you can just fold or roll up the organizer for easy packing.

9. Protect your drinks with homemade drink covers

The great outdoors is wonderful, but all those insects can be annoying! To stop the bugs from getting in your drinks, cover your glass with a cupcake liner, foil or Saran wrap. Simply pierce the top with a straw and your drink is fully protected!

10. Keep bugs away

Placing fresh mint on your fire will deter mosquitoes as they are repelled by the smell of burning mint.

11. Keep your toilet paper clean and dry in a plastic container.

There’s nothing worse than going to use the toilet paper and finding it damp or grubby, but you can avoid this by repurposing a plastic tub. Simply cut a long slice out of the side of it and you can thread the paper through to pull out as you need it.

12. Have hot water on demand

Nowadays, it’s possible to use a system such as this Coleman H2oasis Hot Water On Demand Water System to ensure you can have hot water wherever you are.

Coleman H2oasis Hot Water On Demand Water System

13. Decant matches

Place matches in a plastic tub and tape sandpaper to the top for striking. This will keep the matches dry.

14. Give the kids jobs to do

Give the kids jobs to do

If you're camping with children, plan jobs for them to do to stop them from getting bored while you’re setting up. Jobs such as blowing up airbeds or unfolding chairs will help them feel involved.