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30 Brilliant RV Space-Saving Solutions

30 Brilliant RV Space-Saving Solutions

30 Brilliant RV Space-Saving Solutions

If you are planning an RV short break with a friend or partner or taking the entire family away for the summer, packing everything you need will require planning and organization. These tips will help you maximize every bit of space available.

Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips are easy to attach to the wall and ideal for attaching scissors, knives and other cooking utensils.

Slide-Out Drawers

Any drawer that can be fitted underneath existing fittings will offer extra storage and fully use your space.


Velcro can be your best friend on an RV vacation. Anything that you always need and can never find can be fitted with some Velcro and stuck to a suitable surface when not in use.

Hanging Door Trash Cans

Invest in an over-the-door trash can. These make putting trash inside and removing it much easier, and it won't take up floor space.


Wherever you can attach a hook, do it! Whether it’s for towels, cloths, keys or clothes, you can never have enough hooks.

Door Storage

Using the inside of any doors for pocket storage can be a clever way to store shoes, a flashlight, hats, gloves or anything else. These are easy to buy, or if you are feeling creative, they are also straightforward to make.

Always remember extra batteries for your flashlight and invest in a reliable, long-lasting one. The Navilight Glow-In-The-Dark Torch light lasts for up to eight hours.

Navilight Glow-In-The-Dark Torch

Mini Hammocks

Typically, an RV fridge is small and space is very limited. This can be especially challenging if you're going on a trip in the summer months and want to keep drinks and food chilled. Food hammocks are easy to attach to walls and other surfaces and are great for storing fruit, allowing it to ripen while enjoying air circulation, which delays rotting.


Put pockets wherever you can find a space, such as in the headboard of your bed. This can be a great place to store books and other personal items.

Magazine Racks

Magazine racks can be attached to the wall and are ideal for holding a whole range of accessories.


A great way of storing toiletries is to attach them to hangers or hooks. This will also stop them from falling during transit.

Staple Gun

Staple boxes, such as those for bandages, to a piece of elastic and secure the elastic to a shelf or cabinet.

Mini Hooks

Attach small hooks on the inside of cabinet doors for tea towels and cloths.

Broom Holder Clips

These clips are handy for lots of things, not just brooms!

Suction Pads

These are great for hanging kitchen utensils and anything else.


Don’t forget to use the ceiling! Large nets or clips are great options.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets

Use these for vegetables, dry foods or laundry.

Hanging Shelves

They're perfect for spices, cleaning products or toiletries.

Sink Rack

This is great to use over the sink when it's not in use.

Plate Cradles

This allows you to store your plates vertically instead of horizontally, giving you more cabinet space.

Nesting Bowls

Use nesting bowls that sit inside each other.

Pull-out surface

Install pull-out tables and surfaces wherever possible to give you more space when they are not in use.

Under-Seat Storage

Ensure your seating area can be lifted and items can be stored underneath, such as bedding during the day.

Hand Washing

Take some hand-washing laundry detergent so you can travel light and hand wash if you need to.


Take some rope for when you are parked so you can easily dry towels, laundry and any swimwear.

Inflatable Pillows

Inflatable pillows are a great way to save space and pack away during the day.


If you are traveling with children, they will need entertaining, especially in transit. Think about small, easy-to-pack toys such as paper, pens and playing cards.


To avoid having to use up valuable space with water containers, invest in some water purifying tablets or a Drinking Water Freshener that removes any algae from the tank as well as bad tastes and smells.

Drinking Water Freshener

Travel Towels

Consider buying travel towels that condense into small, pocket-sized bags and are quick-drying and absorbent.

Macs, not Coats

Take rain and wind macs that can be stored inside themselves instead of bulky jackets.

Collapsible Kitchenware

Consider investing in collapsible kitchenware such as pans, colanders and kettles.

Above all, keep your RV clean and tidy. This is the best way to keep surfaces free and everything in its place.