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Everything You Need For A Perfect Camping Kitchen

Everything You Need For A Perfect Camping Kitchen

Everything You Need For A Perfect Camping Kitchen

Whether you are an experienced camper or camping for the first time, having a designated space to prepare food and refreshments will make your experience more relaxed and enjoyable.

The size of your tent, the number of people who are camping, and the length of your camping trip should all be considered when determining what equipment you need.

Cooking and eating

For campers looking to buy their first portable camping stove, the Coleman PerfectFlow Instastart Fold N Go Stove, 2-burner is perfect. Campers can prepare cooked breakfasts, warming lunches and hearty dinners on this attractive piece of equipment. It folds up to be smaller than a briefcase, and no matches or lighter are needed because it lights with the push of a button. The Perfect Heat technology creates the right temperature every time.

Be Prepared

Anyone going on a camping vacation can rest assured they will be getting a unique experience that can bring them closer to nature. Spending time in the great outdoors is a wonderful way to dial down stress levels. If you are escaping the city and looking forward to some quality time with friends, family, your partner or even going solo, being prepared is essential. Always plan ahead; you don’t want to pitch up only to realize you don’t have enough supplies and food.

Remember to bring a cooler or two. Keep one for dairy and other foods that need to be chilled and a second for any meat you are taking with you. A good tip is to freeze the meat in advance and then leave it to defrost in a cooler box, which keeps it fresher for longer. Remember to pack aluminum foil, which is a great way to keep food warm and wrap uneaten food; it can also be used when cooking on an open fire.

Prepare your food in advance. If you want to eat vegetables with your meals while you are away, it is a good idea to do any peeling and chopping before you leave. This will save you time and prevent you from having to remember a whole load of food prep accessories.

Camping Accessories

If you are planning on living off the land and fishing, hunting, or gathering fruit and vegetables, a Folding Fillet Board is a compact food prep board that can be used for filleting, slicing and chopping. When it’s not in use, it simply folds away and can be easily stored.

Folding Fillet Board

Depending on what time you plan to arrive at your campsite, you may want to take some refreshments for a stop on the way or to have as soon as you arrive. Taking a warm meal or drink with you can be a welcome treat before tackling the tent pitching. The 12 oz Thermos Vacuum Stainless Steel w/Microwavable Container is an insulated food jar that can keep food hot for four hours.

12 oz Thermos Vacuum Stainless Steel w/Microwavable Container

For hardcore campers, buying a camping cabinet to store your cooking equipment and food can be really useful and prevents you from having to rummage around in bags and boxes each time you want something to eat. Alternatively, storage bags or boxes can be a good investment.

Everyone knows that water can be limited when camping, and the last thing you want is to be using the last of your drinking water to clean your cooking equipment. Invest in some large, good-quality water containers that can easily be refilled. You can buy ones with a tap at the bottom that are easy and convenient to use and help you avoid spillage.


Cleaners are also important, and the Stainless Steel & Chrome Degreaser Towelette Packet has been voted the best stainless steel cleaner thanks to its degreasing action, making it the ideal choice for camping stoves and BBQs. It is also easy to pack in your bag. It's non-flammable, which means you don’t have to transport a greasy stove back home with you. Simply spray and wipe away the grease and grime.

Camping Cookware

Finally, don’t forget to take some cookware with you. It is a good idea to invest in a couple of items that you plan on using specifically for camping, such as a frying pan or cast iron skillet, plus a couple of saucepans. You should also bring some utensils, such as wooden spoons, a spatula and a kitchen knife. Last but definitely not least, remember a bottle opener so you can enjoy an ice-cold beer as you watch the sunset.