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The Ultimate Guide To Camping

The Ultimate Guide To Camping

The Ultimate Guide To Camping

The 2021 North American Camping Report [1] revealed that America has around 95 million "camper" households. Members of 48.2 million U.S. households went camping in 2020.

This figure includes 10.1 million homes where people went camping for the first time. Many of these will undoubtedly go camping again, bitten by the camper bug, but there may be some that didn’t enjoy their first experience.

A bad camping experience can often be due to people making rookie mistakes, and this guide aims to prevent this from happening. Understanding how to make camping as easy and enjoyable as it can possibly be could mark the start of a lifelong camping journey that could take you around the world rather than leaving you vowing to never even consider a camping trip again.

Consider different kinds of camping

Choosing the right kind of camping for you and your traveling companions is essential to ensure you enjoy the experience. There are many different options, ranging from RV camping to heading out into the boonies with little more than a lighter, a can of beans, and a sleeping bag.

According to the North American Camping Report, there has never been more interest in RV camping and the lifestyle that surrounds it. There is no doubt that an RV trip can be a gentler introduction than going all-out for a wild camping experience on your first trip.

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You could rent an RV for your debut camping trip as a "try before you buy" experiment. This is an ideal way of figuring out if this type of vacation is a good choice for you without having to make an investment in a vehicle and RV equipment such as radios, such as this 40-Channel Bearcat CB Radio, and fume detectors, like this Battery Powered CO2 Detector. Of course, there are many benefits to owning your own RV, but this is an investment that you should make once you know what type of camping you enjoy and what sort of vehicle will best suit your needs.

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Top tips for campers

If you are new to RV or any form of camping, there are some points you need to keep in mind that could make the difference between having a great trip and remembering your camping experience for all the wrong reasons. Here are some things you should always do:

Handle waste properly

Make sure you know how to empty those camping toilets. There is nothing more likely to ruin a vacation than being covered in the contents of your toilet. If you are traveling in a rig, make sure you know how you need to dump your waste and always keep the dump valves closed when you open the storage compartment. Check out a few YouTube tutorials if you need some help.

You also need to remember to use easily disposable toilet tissue if you need to use a camping toilet, and always pack air freshener or toilet odor-eliminating capsules if you’re going to have to sleep near wherever you have to go to the bathroom.

Take a toolkit

Take heed of the old boy scout motto and be prepared. Make sure your toolkit contains essentials such as scissors, zip ties, rubber bands and duct tape. Be sure to bring spare towels, which can be so useful for everything from mopping up spills to acting as noise buffers in a rickety rig.

Check your cookware

Check your cookware

Whether you are renting an RV or planning on cooking s’mores over an open fire, make sure you have the cooking equipment you need to get the job done safely and efficiently. A sharp knife is an essential in your luggage, as are thermoses.

Take leveling blocks

These can make a real difference if you find yourself with an uneven camping spot. This is not just about preventing seasickness on dry land; a tilting camper can mean other problems such as fridges that refuse to work because they rely on gravity.

Arrive before dark

This is probably the top tip of them all, regardless of what sort of camping trip you have planned. There is nothing worse than trying to get organized in a strange environment in the dark, whether you are boondocking in the middle of nowhere or trying to set up camp on a luxury site. Giving yourself plenty of time - and light - will help to ensure that you stay safe and sane. Who wants to start hating a vacation before you have even spent a single night there?